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ooooh! great job on the shirt. i love it in linen. it looks so simple and elegant.


Lovely shirt, it's so french chic :) I like how you've done the elastic neckline, it's delicate.


The shirt is fantastic! Very elegant. Great job!


Glad to read that you're doing okay.
Hope things got normal after returning from hospital.
Your blouse is very simple and cute. Look so cozy!


Lovely blouse - I think it has just the right amount of gather without being too much. Perfect.


saw your post and pics of this great top....I have the pattern and am ready to make it, BUT, there are no directions in the envelope. Any chance that you could scan me the directions (I'll be happy to pay $!) so I can make this cute top?? I'm not a good enough seamstress to make it without directions. THANKS for thinking about it! Arlene

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