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Haw. Hello cranky!


wow.... your kids are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! your daughter is just a gorgeous lil lady... and your son is all too handsome with his yellow collared shirt... i hope you are doing well and in good health :)

btw, looking back at the pic i made you, didnt do your kids justice... if you ever need a better version, let me know and i will be happy to make a new one :)


Pretty Pouches!
Why is Ava so grumpy?


Uh oh...grumpy Ava?

The nylon pouch is cool.


hee hee, Ava's pouty face is adorable.

awesome nylon pouch! my nylon sportsac pouches are my very favorite and most useful things!


The nylon pouch looks nice. Your kids are just so cute and I know all about those grumpy faces from little girls.

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