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Love the chocolate linen. I really want to try the tank tut too.

PS Isn't that the only way to play skeeball?


With your sewing skills, you'll probably have no problem sewing clothes. Love the cute photo of your son's concentration while playing skeeball.


I love the linen fabric and style of that tote!
Your son looks adorable playing skeeball!


it doesn't look at all messy to me! it looks beautiful. i'm so glad you made it and it worked for you.

i loved the Vivienne Westwood exhibit-- i expected all rubber and safety pins, and instead there was so much beautiful, whimsical, historically-inspired work that made me gasp with delight. I also loved listening to the interview with her at the end...


Love the bag!


The choc linen bag looks very nice. I would like to try this bag but I have a little concern about the strap, I wonder if it can withstand the weight of the stuff that I usually lug around in my bags.


The bag looks great, I love the linen. I saw the tutorial for this bag last week and I have been wanting to try it.


I was just going to say I hate bias tape/piping - but you do an amazing job, as always.


I love the pattern! Nice job! I've never worked with bias tape, though I just bought a bias tape maker the other day. All signs are go...
I love how your sons do skeeball! That's always been a favorite game of mine, afterall, if you're giving up a token, might as well get a handful of tickets in exchange, right?


The bag looks good. I didn't even know it was reversible. Guess I didn't read the directions.

And love the way he plays skeeball! Hee hee!

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