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The shoes are adorable! Love your strawberries, you should try selling them- they make good handbag charms or keyrings. Aww...your kids are super cute, I am sure it must be difficult to leave them :( Best wishes.


Lovely pictures!
Hope your first day back at work wasn't too terrible..


The shoes are super cute! What a lovely gift. The photo of your kids is adorable. I hope your first day back goes smoothly.

greenbeanbaby art

sorry to hear you have to go back :( but those shoes are sooo darling!!!! thx for the link too!!!!


What a couple of cuties. I hope today wasn't too rough for you!!


Those strawberries are so cute in the little dish. Cute picture of the kids, too. I'm sure it was hard to leave them to go back to work!


What cuties! And those shoes! Oh my, so gorgeous and sweet!

Hope you have an easy transition back to work.


Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog and am in awe of the stuff that you do! I was in Frisco last Dec and I LOVED it!!! Keep blogging! Best wishes from me in Singapore. ;D


God I want those strawberries. But for what I have no idea.
Good luck at work!


my goodness! those tiny shoes are just too cute. i wonder if they're difficult to make.

oh by the way, did i ever tell you much i love your pictures :)

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