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The Odessa Hat is great, and your son seems to be on his way to a career in modeling. =) Thanks for the heads up about the Martha Stewart mag -- I'm going to pick it up today.
Are you going back to work full-time? It must be hard. I hope your first day back goes smoothly.


sorry about the work situation.
thanks for the martha heads up - i let my subscription lapse, so maybe i'll just go pick this one up.


hey! hat looks gorgeous, did you knit it with the size 4 needles per the pattern? or did you use different size needles?


:( I'm so sorry you're going back to work already. Why can't the US have a paid year off for maternity like in ummm...I can't remember what country.


the hat is so cute! makes me want to pick up some knitting needles and learn how to knit.

good luck with the lottery!


Look at your super cute guy in the super cute hat. I'm guessing that even with the loose gauge it still looks nice on you!

I sent off your package today :)


Your son looks super cute in the hat. And I see you've started something red - from the magazine. My daughter knitted a purse for her friend after looking at the magazine and now I have to hunt down a small zipper to sew it up.
Back to work - the necessary evil for us working mothers - hope you'll feel better about it soon.


oh yeah same here..and I dont even buy lottery...hope you feel better :)


Thanks for sharing this pattern Joyce. I love the style and the instructions in the pattern were very easy to follow. I've dropped a few stitches along the way (as a new knitter I have no idea where they went) but it still looks good!

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