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Oooh that's lovely. I saw that fabric at the store. They work so well together. I almost went and got them both because I couldn't find anything that went well with my space fabric. Everything I wanted was blue and I already had blue!

Do you have some kind of quilt like material inside the blanket?

Oh and I like the "made by Joyce" tag. I've been thinking about tags. Where did you get yours?

Aren't I full of questions this morning? :)


The blanket is wonderful and the edge came out so neat!

Those Betty's Best cookies are dangerous. My parents gave us a bag of the chocolate chip the other day and the three of us wolfed it down in one sitting. I will have to look for the cornflake ones.


The blankie is so pretty, love the colours and the borders. Your post is so timely. I just had a falling out with my knitting, so I'm all cheered up and inspired to go and sew a blankie quilt now. Thanks!


Adorable baby blanket. And why are the yummiest treats always from Hawaii?


I love your baby blankets, they are so professionally made. I also love the Betty's Best label, aren't they sweet?

1yd swap pal

Hi! Lovely job on the blankie and cupcakes!

Siow Chin

Super adorable fabrics and the blankie is really nice!


That fabric is such awesome boy-fabric! Where can I get my hands on some of that? Is it flannel?

Account Deleted

where did you get the pattern for the blanket? i'd love to make one too :D yours turned out perfect!


i like the borders on the blanket. it looks like something little fingers would like to play with.
me,too! i looove the cornflake ones!!! sooo good with cold milk :)

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