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Look at that amazing signature!


Joyce - where did you get the stationery? I like it!


Your handwriting is so artistic, I really love your B!
And that is the cutest little dress.


anne: it's from paper source.

Account Deleted

i like your handwriting too!!! and the girl's hair is the best part :D

Account Deleted

that didnt sound right! i meant the whole doll is super cute but i think her hair is the cutest part.... does that sound better? you know what i meant right?! haha!

so you crochet and knit and sew... any you prefer the most?


I love Roxy Craft. . . I created a Valentine's bunny -- only the head exists at this moment. *sigh* The tragedy of unfinished projects. :)


The doll is just adroable, love her style and hair!


That doll is just so cute!

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