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Hang in there Joyce! 3 months will fly by. I'm not sure if I would be able to stick a needle in to my own body, I'm a little chicken! Your kitty is adorable!


Cute cat! We use the same meter for our Son. Hang in there...


Three months. . . they'll fly by! Hang in there!!! ;)

And kitty == cuteness


You're doing so good Joyce... I've gained more weight in a week than you did in 6 months!


i know what you mean i have a 5 year old girl whose been diabetic since she was two on now she tests blood sugars 10 -12 times a day and is on an insulin pump...she used to get aatleast 7 shots a day....the pump is better now...only 1 iv in her every 2 or 3 days...we know what your going thru it does get better...and hopefully soon there will be a cure...
by the way love your kitty


I've just discovered your site. Very pretty.
Last few months of pregnancy is so frustrating... but soon you will see you bubby and forget it all.
the kitty is sweet and oh i remember haupia from hawaii. miss it.


Good god! Thinking good thoughts for you. I am also eating your share of ice cream. Just so you know.


Cute kitty.


I really like this cat and would love to make one like it for a friend's birthday--do you have a pattern for it? Hands down the cutest cat doll in the world!

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