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Congratulations!! Wonderful news! That Chinese calendar is so neat.

And you should definitely have a sweets party after you give birth!!


SO happy for you Joyce! You must be so excited! I can't wait for your new baby to be born! Ok, now the whole no-sugar thing makes sense. I'll send you some sweets in July! And that Chinese calendar was correct for both of my pregnancies.


congratulations :) and a girl :) I bet you'll be doing lots of beautiful things for this new baby girl :)
A big kiss :)


big congrats!!!


awww congrats!!! that is wonderful news!!!! i am the end of june baby too ;) aw, i am so happy for you, really!!!


Congratulations again! Ultrasound pictures never cease to amaze me and the picture of your little girl is so clear - wow.


congrats, joyce! your baby has a nice profile too.

btw, i based mine on conception date, not due date, and it's correct for me too. here's my source:



I was hoping that I was inferring correctly from your comments on my post! I'm so glad I was right! :)

Very happy for you!!!!

And the Chinese predictor?! It was correct all three times for me!


The cat is out of the bag! Don't worry - I'll be bringing macarons to your sugar binge!


Hey there. I just found out about your blog and i must say i really love all that you make. Very cute and beautiful.
And as your new blog reader i can't leave without congratulating you on the new life - congrats!
I bet you are gonna make so many pretty things for your babygirl!

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