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I am sorry to hear about the passing of your grandfather. I am glad you had the chance to say goodbye and be with your family.
I can't believe that Ava is already two! I remember you were still pregnant when I started reading your blog!!!
Jason looks adorable -- he's a big kid now!


So sorry to hear about your grandfather passing. I'm also glad to hear you had a chance to say goodbye.

It's interesting to hear about the moths. That's something I also grew up with in Hawaii, but whenever I asked people what the origin was no one seemed to know.

Its also neat that you saw one before his passing. I always encounter them after someone has died and my mom says it's their spirit visiting family and friends one the last time.

domestic girl

My condolences to you and your family. I have also heard that moths symbolize the spirits of loved ones and I love the idea that your grandfather wanted a chance to see your children.

I also love the hula girl fabric used in one of your little pouches. You always find the best fabric!


I'm very sorry for your loss. I really like the moth symbolism; I hadn't heard it before.


Sorry Joyce - I didn't hear about your Grandfather. Thanks for the pouch! I have a new makeup bag!


Very sorry to hear about your loss. Sounds like your GF had an amazing full life complete with a ton of family and loved ones! I also can't believe A. is 2 years old now....... gosh time is just flying right by!


I am sorry for your loss.

Ava is so big now. She is quickly growing out of the baby stage and into a little girl.

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